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For Land Owners

We are committed to connecting farmers with ethical and respectful hunters.

It wouldn’t be possible for Know Where To Hunt to operate without the partnership of local farms and land owners. We are truly grateful! We work hard to respect each property and we certainly understand that it is a privilege for our members to hunt there.

There are some great benefits for the land owner
  • Additional income stream

  • Provides an easy answer when someone asks for permission to hunt property. “We already have it leased out.”

  • Insures ethical hunting from an established Waterfowl Club.

  • We have the ability to secure liability insurance coverage if requested. 

  • The KWTH management and members work to make sure that each property is patrolled for trespassing as well as helping to insure that things are cleaned up after each hunt.

Farmer  Testimonies

KWTH went beyond my expectation of protecting our crops after duck hunting season. They were relentless against the tough, never-weakening competitors (Snow Geese and Wigeon). We appreciate the help and constant communication. We look forward to working with KWTH in the future!



If you are a land owner in Western Washington and would like to visit please reach out to us.

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